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canine friendly home decorating

Do you have to choose between having a nice, clean home and having dogs? Is there a way to finish your home in a way that is canine friendly and still beautiful? I have struggled with this for years, but was not about to give up my dogs to have a home that I was proud to invite guests to and happy to live in. The purpose of my blog is to help other dog lovers find solutions for their home decorating and finishing problems. Here, you will find ideas of materials that can hold up very well to dogs in the house and tips for helping your dogs behave a little better in your beautiful home.

A Welcoming Home – 4 Tips To Love The Layout Of Your Living Room

Designing the layout of your new living room sets the tone for the entire home when guests visit. It's a chance to make the house shine and create a space you can truly love. But most people aren't sure how to go about planning a great layout. If this includes you, here are 4 tips to get you started. Know the Measurements Some distances and measurements are good rules of thumb when deciding where to place furniture or art. Read More