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canine friendly home decorating

Do you have to choose between having a nice, clean home and having dogs? Is there a way to finish your home in a way that is canine friendly and still beautiful? I have struggled with this for years, but was not about to give up my dogs to have a home that I was proud to invite guests to and happy to live in. The purpose of my blog is to help other dog lovers find solutions for their home decorating and finishing problems. Here, you will find ideas of materials that can hold up very well to dogs in the house and tips for helping your dogs behave a little better in your beautiful home.

Are You Decorating A Suite Of Offices With A Unique Touch?

Are you the owner of your own corporation? Perhaps you have been so successful that you are moving into a larger facility. If that's the case, congratulations are in order. Or, it might be that the new offices are your first. 

Do Some Research - Think of buying magazines about home decorating where you can get ideas that will make your suite of offices attractive and unique. For instance, instead of having traditional metal desks and traditional desk chairs, you might see a handsome wooden table in one of the magazines that would work well in an office. A ladder back chair might be the best choice for that table that will be used as a desk. 

The same goes for the other furniture you'll select. For example, if one of the offices will be used for large group meetings, an elegant dining room table and accompanying marching chairs would certainly add formality to the office, wouldn't it? The same goes for shelving. Beautiful wooden shelves will hold things like reference books just as well as a metal shelf would, right? 

Hire an Interior Designer - Once you have gathered your own ideas, think of presenting them to a professional interior designer. For instance, the interior designer might suggest that you place an area rug under the dining room table that you are using in the group meeting room. Tell the decorator the mood you want to set. For example, if you want a contemporary feeling, the interior designer may suggest a black-and-white area rug. If you want a subtle, quiet feeling in the meeting room, the designer might suggest an off-white or pale blue area rug.

The interior designer can also help with accent pieces. For example, if there is enough space, each individual office might have an occasional chair in it. The chair that is chosen will be one that will complement the desk that was previously purchased. Your office will probably be the largest one, right? If so, the interior decorator might suggest that you purchase a sofa and chairs to give the room a kind of a living room feeling. The decorator will work with you on the choice of things like paintings and other art work, too. Those are the elements of design that will probably give each room personality. 

For more information on interior design or to set an appointment with a designer, contact a company like Lux Design Associates.